-time National Champions as Featured in the
Award-winning Movie, Brooklyn Castle

About Us

Celebrating countless city, state, and national championships, IS 318, an urban public school in Brooklyn, NY, is the premier middle school chess program in the country.

The IS 318 chess program is built upon the simple belief that students who commit to working hard to improve their chess skills will see results on and off the chessboard. Our program teaches persistence, commitment, planning, and logical thinking.

Simply put, we give every student a belief in personal excellence.

Our student chess players dominate at the chess board, but are not defined by the chess board.  Students on our team rarely miss school, excel in their grades and develop a united sense of purpose during their adolescent years.  Over 95% of the chess team earns a place on the President’s Honor Roll – the school’s highest academic honor. Members serve on the student government.  They step up to the plate as members of the IS 318 baseball team.  They volunteer in the community.  They perform as part of the IS 318 award winning concert, jazz and marching bands.  They compete in robotics competitions.  And so much more.

The IS 318 Chess Team is proud to have you in our corner and is excited to be partnering with you as we look to the future.